The OCP Team 



Yaiza Morales

Yaiza is an educator from Puerto Rico, who is passionate about humanitarian work. Inspired by her volunteering experiences abroad, she is devoted to defending human rights worldwide. As founder of OCP, Yaiza does it all: community outreach, project development, hands-on fieldwork, interviewing, writing, and fundraising.






Joerie van der Loo 

Joerie is a social worker from Holland specialized in child, youth, and family issues. His belief in equal rights and justice motivated him to join the OCP team. Although Joerie enjoys focusing on photography and film, he also assists in project development, works on site, and fundraises in Europe.





Alexandra Mainka 

Alexandra is a designer from Puerto Rico with a passion for people, travel, and all things sustainable.  She co- founded The One Chance Project along side Yaiza Morales in May 2013 and focuses mostly on OCP’s branding and communication designs.

One comment

  1. charlotte travis

    Michael, I’m so glad the One chance Project found out about all the wonderful things you are doing, and I hope many more people read this and will donate.

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